We’re your comprehensive IT department for your small to medium sized business in the Twin Cities metro area. Leave it to us to troubleshoot your current issues (such as internet outages and server failures) and then create a strong, proactive structure in to significantly decrease said issues and to increase your company’s productivity.

Our managed services plan covers data management, security, and backup of your company’s sensitive data. Once you have your hardware, software, and systems up-to-date, we get things running smoothly and solve problems quickly. Outdated technology costs you time and money, so we work with you to get your office technology in line with industry best practices so you can focus on your bottom line.

  • Solutions-Based Approach

    We’re not in the business of bandages.  Every incident is treated as an opportunity to improve

  • Extensive Experience

    Our technicians work with hundreds of businesses who utilize an extensive variety of network equipment, operating systems and applications.  Tech Outfit leverages this experience to bring well-researched and tested solutions to your organization avoiding expensive trial-and-error approaches.

  • Responsive Team

    A defining quality for any IT team is its ability to quickly respond and communicate with customers quickly.  Tech Outfit maintains enough full-time technicians to triage and field requests quickly so that you are never left wondering if or when someone will get back to you.

Our Services

Managed Services

Pro-active and all-inclusive IT support that keeps technology working for you.

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Network Support

New networks, existing networks, wired/wireless, multi-vendor networks.

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Hosted Services

We specialize in fully-managed, highly-available hosting services.

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Managed Security Services

Unified Security Management, Compliance, Risk Management and Incident Response services.

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IT audits, upgrade and implementation planning, hardware and software evaluations.

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Backup Solutions

Backup strategy to disaster recovery and business continuity.

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